Green Workshop Foundation, Hungary

Our goal at Green Workshop Foundation is to create a sustainable, democratic, and successful Hungary. We have identified several key areas to focus our efforts on in order to contribute to realizing this dream, including environmental and energy policy, anti-corruption measures, the integration of the Roma community, and promoting democratic values and education.

The mission of the Foundation is to contribute to finding appropriate solutions to the multitude of crisis situations that surround us in our constantly changing world. These include social issues such as social cohesion and marginalized groups' integration, and environmental problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, air pollution, and the global ecosystem crisis. The Foundation aims to provide well-founded, professionally stable, and reliable analyses and proposals to help Hungary cope with the challenges ahead. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of disseminating results and knowledge to the public, as well as collaborating with stakeholders in the practical implementation of solutions. The Foundation stands for values such as sustainability, justice, and transparency and pledges to represent these values publicly in the face of economic interest groups, political actors, or social groups who violate them. The ultimate goal is a sustainable, just, democratic, and successful Hungary.